One Washington State Fair Gate Admission Ticket with Giant Insect Adventure Bundle

Today's Deal: One Washington State Fair Gate Admission Ticket with Giant Insect Adventure Bundle

Washington State Fair Events Center
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Enter a world where giant insects tower over people – 40 to 120 times larger than life-size!

These carnivores and herbivores crawl, fly, camouflage, and metamorphose.

  • Experience the immersive and realistic habitats, complete with scenic background images, plants, and ground cover.
  • Watch two 11 ft. male Atlas beetles (Chalcosoma atlas) lock horns in a battle over mates in Asia.
  • Hear the loud hissing sound of a 22 ft. jungle nymph stick insect (Heteropteryx dilatata) rubbing its wings together in self-defense.
  • Forage for plants with a 15 ft. caterpillar (Papilio xuthus) in Asia before it morphs into a swallowtail butterfly.
  • Travel with a 12 ft. desert locust (Shistocerca gregaria) as it consumes vegetation across dry regions.
  • Stand in front of a 19 ft. praying mantis (Tenodera aridifolia) while it prepares to lunge at prey with its forelegs.
  • Operate animatronic dragonfly, honey bee, and mosquito heads while gazing through massive magnifying glasses.
Embark on a journey that is out of this world!
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